How to resolve 401 Unauthorized access issue in Postman while connecting to Dataverse?

We quite often see these 401 Unauthorized issues in Postman, even after connected to Dataverse environment and also all the required setups done in Postman.

This issue can be due to the existing Token expiration.

Follow the below steps to regenerate the Token in Postman.

Step 1: Navigate to your collection and Click on Get New Access Token.

Once, you get the New Access Token, you can see the below message.

Step 2: New Token will be generated automatically and Click on Use Token to use this for executing the Web API’s.

Step 3: Click on Access Token dropdown and Click on Manage Tokens.

You can see the all the Tokens information.

All Available Tokens are displayed without a strike text and Expired Tokens are displayed with a strike text.

Step 4: Hover on the Expired Token, Click on Delete icon to delete it.

Step 5: Expired Token is deleted and Close the MANAGE ACCESS TOKENS popup.

Step 6: Go back to your Web API request.

Click on Send to execute your Web API and see the results.

Hope you have successfully resolved this issue and able to connect to Dynamics 365.

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