How to create Microsoft Dynamics 365 30 days Trial instance?

Follow the below steps to create Dynamics 365 Trial instance in a New User interface.

Step 1: Browse the link


Click here and follow the steps from the Step 4.

Step 2: Click on Sign up here.

Step 3: Click on No, continue signing up.

Step 4: Once the below web page is displayed, provide your Work or Personal Email Id. Click on Next.

Step 5: Click on Set up account.

Step 6: Provide your personal information and click on Next.

Step 7: Choose your Country Code and Provide your Phone number for OTP verification.

You can choose either Text me or Call me.

Click on Send Verification Code.


If you choose Text me, you will get a SMS. Other wise, if you choose Call me you will get a call from Microsoft and Verification code will be informed over the call.

Step 8: Provide the Verification code received on your mobile and click on Verify.

In this step, you have an option to Change your phone number. Click on Change my phone number button and do the step mentioned in Step 7.

Step 9: Provide a unique name in yourbusiness field for your Trial instance and if it is available, click on Next.

Step 10: In this step, provide your User Name, Password and Confirm Password. Once done, Click on Sign up.

Step 11: Once signup is done, you can see the below information.

Save your email id shown under Your user ID.

Click on Let’s go.

Step 12: Click on +New. Provide the following and Click on Next.

Name: Provide CRM Instance Name.

Type: Choose Trial (subscription-based) for 30 day CRM Trial.

Region: Choose nearest region to your location.

Purpose: Provide some meaningful description of the CRM Instance.

Step 13: Now, will provide some basic information mentioned below to create a database for our Trial instance.

Language: Choose the default CRM language.

URL: Provide a unique keyword for browsing your Trial instance.

Currency: Choose your country currency.

Click on Save.

Step 14: After clicking on Save, mentioned in the Step 13, this will take some time to Prepare the instance. We can see the status of the same in the State column.

Once it is ready, State will be changed to Ready.

Step 15: Select the Trial instance and click on Open environment to see the Dynamics 365 CE web page.

Hope you have followed all the steps and created Dynamics 365 CE instance successfully.

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