Auto Number generation using Real Time Workflow in MS CRM 2013

Auto Number generation using Real Time Workflow in MS CRM 2013

Hi All,

I am going to show you the example of Real Time Workflow for Auto Number generation.Follow the below steps to create Auto Number for Contact entity,

Step 1: Create a Custom Entity “Counter” with the following Fields

Counter Value: Whole Number (Range as required)

Step 2: Create One Record in Counter entity as follows,

Counter Entity

Step 3: Create N:1 relationship between Contact to Counter entity as follows,

Contact to Counter realtionship

Step 4: Create “Contact ID” field in Contact entity as follows,

Contact Id field creation in Contact Entity

Step 5: Place “Contact ID” and “Counter_Contact” fields on the Contact entity form and hide them,

Contact Form

Step 6: Create a Real time workflow as follows,

Workflow Wizard
Workflow Creation

Step 7: Create a step to Update “Counter-Contact” record in Contact entity as follows,

Workflow Step 1
Workflow Step 1.1

Step 8: Update Counter Value from Counter entity as follows,

Workflow Step 2
Workflow Step 2.1

Step 9: Update Counter Value by 1 in Counter entity

Workflow Step 3
Workflow Step 3.1

Step 10: Activate the Process and Create Contact Record

Auto Number Generation

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