How to get the Dataverse Web API endpoint details in the Microsoft PowerApps?

Web API is the web service that can be used to work with data, and table and column definitions in Dataverse and it provides a development experience that can be used across a wide variety of programming languages, platforms, and devices.

The Web API provides a RESTful programming experience, and all the data operations go through the underlying organization service.

Follow the below steps to get the Web API endpoint details of a Dataverse environment in the Microsoft Power Apps Maker Portal.

Step 1: Login to Power Apps Maker Portal with your credentials.


If you are using US Government (GCC, GCC High and DOD) Cloud, click on the below article link to find the related URL to browse Maker Portal.

Power Apps US Government service URLs

Step 2: Click on Environment and Click on the required Environment.

Step 3: Click on Settings.

Step 4: Click on Developer resources.

You can see Web API endpoint information.

Note: In the Web API endpoint URL v9.2 is the Dynamics CE web API version of the endpoint.

Copy and paste the Web API endpoint URL in another browser tab to see the metadata of the environment.

Hope you got the Web API endpoint details and the metadata for the required Dataverse environment.

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