New Data Loss Prevention policies for enhanced Power Platform governance available for Public Preview

Click here to know more about the New Data Loss Prevention policies.

How to download Microsoft Dynamics 365 icons?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 icons has been released recently by Microsoft.

Follow the below steps to download the icons.

Step 1: Click on the link Microsoft Dynamics 365 icons | Microsoft Docs.

Step 2: On Microsoft Dynamics 365 icons page, Select the I agree to the above terms Check box and click on Download SVG icons.

Step 3: All Dynamics 365 Icons will be downloaded as Zip folder. Unzip it and have a look at all the icons used in Microsoft Dynamics Products.

Hope you have successfully downloaded Microsoft Dynamics 365 icons.

Microsoft Certified: Power Apps + Dynamics 365 Developer Associate

Want to become Microsoft Certified: Power Apps + Dynamics 365 Developer Associate?

Then, complete the below 2 certifications.

MB-200: Microsoft Power Platform + Dynamics 365 Core


MB 400: Microsoft Power Apps + Dynamics 365 Developer (beta)

How to Share/ Assign Personal Views in CRM?

Follow the below steps to Share/ Assign Personal Views

Click here to know, How to create Personal Views in CRM?

Now will Share/ Assign the “Important Leads” Personal View, which I created in my Last Post.

Open Advanced Find, Look for: Leads and Click on Saved Views.

Lead Advanced Find


1.You can see the list of all Personal Views for Leads Entity. Select the required Personal View and click on Share button on Ribbon.

Important Leads - Share

2.Click on Add User/ Team to add the required User or Team, for whom you want to share Personal Views.

Click on Add.

Important Leads - Share saved view - Add User

3.Give the required permission on this view for the User or Team and click on Share.

Important Leads - Share saved view


Click on Advanced Find and select required Entity under Look for and click on Saved Views.

1.Select required view and click on Assign Saved Views.

Important Leads - Assign

2.By default, Assign to is set to Me. Select Assign to User or team.

Important Leads - Assign Saved View

Add the required User or team and Assign.

Important Leads - Assign Saved View - User or team

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How to create personal views in CRM?

Follow the below steps to create personal views in CRM,

Step 1: Open CRM and Advanced Find.

Step 2: Now I am going to Create a personal view for Lead Entity.

Select Look for: Lead and give your own criteria.

Here I want to show all Leads, whose Est. Value4,000,000.00

Advanced Find Filter Criteria

Step 3: Now I want to add Est.Value Column in the Results View.

  1. Click on Edit Columns.
  2. Click on Add Columns.

Edit Columns

3. Select Est. Value. click on OK.

Add Columns

Click on OK.

Step 4: Click on Results.


Step 5: Will see all Lead records, with Est.Value Is Greater Than 4,000,000.00.

Results View

Now we have seen a record meeting our Criteria. Now will Save this Personal View.

Step 6: Click on Advanced Find and Click on Save as shown below.

Save Personal View

Step 7: Give some proper Name and Description to this Personal View and Save.

Save As Personal View

Step 8: This Personal View is available to see in 2 different places.

  1. Go to Microsoft Dynamics CRM -> Sales -> Leads and Select Views under Lead’s Home Page Grid. Under My Views, we can see all Personal Views.

Lead Home Page Grid

2. Open Advanced Find, and Select Look for: Lead. Click on Saved Views.

Saved Views

We can see all Saved Views belongs to Lead Entity.

Active Saved Views

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How to get GUID of the record in CRM Online?

Follow the below methods to get GUID of the record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM,

Method 1:

Open any record and Click on EMAIL A LINK Ribbon button.

Record URL will be opened in Outlook Email and record GUID will be identified easily with Query String parameter id and look likes below,

id=%7b<32 bit GUID>%7d


Method 2:

Open the required record, and click on Pop Out Symbol.

Pop Out

The Record will be opened in a new Tab/ Window.

Record GUID will be identified in the URL as shown below,

Pop Out - 1

Method 3:

This method is totally Interesting, you will feel easy to get CRM record GUID on a single click using Google Chrome.

Follow the below steps,

  1. Open CRM Page in Google Chrome. Will create a Bookmark for the CRM Page. Click on Star Icon as shown below.
  2. Give Name for the Bookmark.
  3. Click on Edit.

Book Mark

4. Copy & Paste the below JS Code under URL,

javascript: if (window.prompt(“CRM Record GUID is :”, $(“iframe”).filter(function () { return ($(this).css(‘visibility’) == ‘visible’) })[0], -1))) { }

Note: Before Copy and Paste the above code, replace Double Quotations and Single Quotations properly.

Save the Bookmark.

Edit Book Mark

5. Click on Bookmark, you created “CRM Record GUID“. Pop Up will be displayed with CRM Record Id of the Record you opened.

Js Record Id

Method 3 information is from Blog CRMBlocks.

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OneDrive for Business Privilege in CRM

Follow my article to Configure OneDrive for Business in CRM 2016 Online.

System Administrator can Grant/ Revoke access to OneDrive for Business feature in Online CRM, using “OneDrive for Business” Privilege.

Go to Microsoft Dynamics CRM -> Settings -> Security -> Security Roles

Open the required Security Role and Click on Core Records Tab -> Miscellaneous Privileges.

Click on OneDrive for Business to give access (Full Green) and Click on it again to revoke access (White) and Save.

OneDrive for Business Privilege