How to retrieve a particular Table record of a Dataverse environment in Postman?

In this article, will explain about retrieving the particular Account’s Table record based on accountid from the Dataverse environment in Postman.

Follow all the steps mentioned in the below article and go to Step 1.

How to setup and connect to the Dataverse environment in Postman?

Step 1: Click on the Collection … and Click on Add request to create a new Web API Request.

Step 2: Click on Rename to change the Web API Request name.

Renamed to Retrieve Account record.

Step 3: Select GET Http Verb and provide the below text to get the Account record based on Account GUID with Name and Account Number.


Note: Params will be populated automatically.

Step 4: Provide the below values under Headers section.


Headers will look likes the below.

Step 5: Click on Save and Send.

You can see a message 200 OK, which means the request executed successfully and can see the required Account record in the Body section in JSON format.

Note: If you see 401 Unauthorized access issue on Send, then follow the below article and fix the problem and try again.

How to resolve 401 Unauthorized access issue in Postman while connecting to Dataverse?

Hope you have followed all the steps and retrieved the particular Account record.

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