Goodbye Relevance search, hello Dataverse search!

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Updated Solution Explorer (Preview) experience in Dynamics 365

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Microsoft recently announced the public preview of the new solution explorer which will eventually be the default experience going forward.

Earlier we could access it by visiting the –

In the new experience, we can Enable / Disable the new Solution Explorer by toggling the Solution preview on

The is how the existing solution experience looks like – here we have opened the Default solution.

With the new experience, the solution selected opens up and takes the whole page, with the new left navigation added.

Also, it adds a new Tree style of navigation for Objects.

+New button experience has been updated.

Left is the old experience listing each component and new experience in the right with the options grouped.

The overview section gives the details of the solution like display name, name, package type, etc. with the option to edit the details.

  • The option to run the…

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Generating Power Fx formulas from examples

PROSE (Programming by Examples and Natural Language) framework has been introduced in Power Apps used to create Power Fx Expressions for Manipulating Dates, Text fields and etc.

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