Microsoft Flow button is not visible in CRM UCI?

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Admin Center URL(s) in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ( Power Platform)

Dynamics 365 keeps opening the sign in page in the new tab

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We all have faced this issue where Dynamics 365 keeps opening the login page in the new tab.

If we check the URL it is basically redirecting to

Below URL à

To disable this behaviour for all the users, disable the learning path.

Set Enable Learning Path as No.

For individual user, select Opt Out of Learning Path from Personal Options.

For Internet Explorer (without changing above settings)

Hope it helps..

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Add Dynamics 365 Marketing Trial To Your Instance

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Here is the step by step process for adding Dynamics 365 Marketing to your dynamics 365 instance.
You can sign up for, install, and use a trial version of Dynamics 365 Marketing for free. Trials last for 30 days.

Few important points to remember :

  • You will receive a trial Dynamics 365 instance together with your Marketing trial. You must run the Marketing trial on a trial instance, and can’t install it on a production instance.
  • You can’t convert a trial instance into a production instance.
  • You can install, at most, one Dynamics 365 Marketing trial per Microsoft 365 tenant.
  1. Go to the admin platform of your tenant:  
    Expand Admin centers and click on Dynamics 365:
  2. In Dynamics 365 Admin centre, click on Applications tab  –> Select Dynamics 365 Marketing Application  –> Click on Manage:
  3. Otherwise access this url directly : 
    [Replace crm8 with appropriate region]. Follow…

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Global notification – Xrm.App (Client API Reference) – In Preview – Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365

Global notification – Xrm.App (Client API Reference) – In Preview – Dynamics 365

Hi Everyone,

There are many times we might have got an requirement to show some kind of notifications globally in Dynamics 365 and there is no supported way to do it. Here is the supported way to do the same which is coming in, there is a new client API reference called Xrm.App which has two methods

1) addGlobalNotification
2) clearGlobalNotification

Please note this is a Preview feature, refer this link for more information on the updates.

To show the notification first, we need to event to trigger and that event can be from anywhere. For example, I would want to show the notification when Customer Service Representative opens a case in Dynamics 365 saying “Please inform Customer that Tomorrow is a holiday.”

To implement this, we have to call the below piece of code on the…

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Scratching your head over why your custom ribbon buttons are not visible or not working as expected–The wonderful Command checker tool from Microsoft might just save your day.

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If you have ever worked in Dynamics 365 implementation then it is almost certain that you must have played around with ribbons. And more often than not you must have faced scenario where you have multiple enable and display rules on the form and not sure why the ribbon button is showing up on the form when it is supposed not to show up or vice versa.

And what we do to resolve it. Well, we play around with the ribbon customizations which takes much more time than other customizations in Dynamics 365. And if it is some custom rule, we would attach debuggers to our custom code and debug and find what is going wrong.

What if I tell you that Microsoft just released something which shall help you identify which of your ribbon rule is evaluating to what in a matter of few mins so that you can…

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Scan business cards in Dynamics 365 for Sales – 2019 Release Wave 2 (Unified Interface)

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The scan business card feature added as part of release wave 2, allows salespeople to quickly scan business cards using the Quick Create Form. The scanner reads the information from the card and populates the corresponding mapped fields in the record.

Out of the box, it is available in quick create form of lead and contact entity.

To specify the mapping for the business card control fields, navigate to Settings – Customizations and open the Quick Create form and select the Business Card Control and go to the Controls tab for its properties.

Click on the edit icon for the field and specify the mapping.

To enable for entities other than lead and contact, open the quick create form of that entity for customization and select either single or multiple lines of text field as a placeholder and add the business card control to it.

Followed by appropriate mapping of…

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How to assign System Administrator role for a user in CRM using SQL?

Recently in Dynamics 365 On-premise Dev environment, accidentally System Admin user’s Business Unit changed and hence all the security roles lost along with System Administrator role.

In that Dev environment, we don’t have any other user with System Administrator security role.

So, followed the below steps and assigned the System Administrator role to the CRM System Admin user using SQL queries.

Note: Take the backup of CRM DB before following the below steps.

Step 1: Logged in SQL with CRM System Admin role and executed the below query and got the Default business unit GUID from the BusinessUnit Table.


Step 2: Executed the below query and got the CRM System Admin User GUID from the SystemUser table.

FULLNAME LIKE ‘%CRM ADMIN%’ — CRM ADMIN is the name of my System Admin’s Full name in the CRM dev organization.

Step 3: Updated the default business unit GUID for the System Admin user by using the below SQL Query.

BUSINESSUNITID = ‘6C9A857D-D43B-E411-93F9-000D3A800C9F’ — Refer Step 1.
WHERE SYSTEMUSERID=’F2368783-D43B-E411-93F9-000D3A800C9F’ — Refer Step 2.

Step 4: Executed the below query and got the below System Administrator Security role from Role Table.


Step 5: Inserted the record in SystemUserRoles Table.

–First Parameter is SYSTEMUSERID. Refer Step 2
–Second parameter is ROLEID. Refer Step 4

Step 6: Reset IIS. Logged in CRM with System Admin User and it worked.

Hope this article helped you and share your valuable feedback on this article.