How to check Portal user profile information in CRM?

Follow the below steps to see the portal user profile information in CRM.

Step 1: Login Dynamics CRM Organization in which the Dynamics CRM Portal configured.

Step 2: Navigate to CRM Contact records and open the required record to check the portal user information.

Step 3: Once the record is opened, select the Portal Contact Form and click on it.

Portal Contact Form

Note: Portal Contact form will be automatically created in CRM once the Dynamics Portal installed successfully.

Step 4: Goto Web Authentication Tab to see the profile information of the portal user.

Hope this article helped you to check the Profile information of a portal user 🙂


Disable Export and Print button in Dynamics 365 CE (CRM) report viewer.

Prashant Kumar Maurya

In one of my recent project, there was a requirement to disable/remove export button from report viewer (Only for certain set of users).

To achieve this, we had to remove below two permissions from all roles assigned to those users. You can remove one or both the permission to match your need.

  1. Export to Excel (to remove download option from report viewer)
  2. Print (to remove print option from report viewer)

Before removing permissions

After removing permissions




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