How to Setup FieldOne Sky in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Follow the below steps to Setup FieldOne Sky in CRM,

Step 1: Create CRM Online 2016 30 days’ trial version. Click here to create.


Use the existing trial Version, if you have.

Step 2: Open Provide your credentials and Sign in.

FieldOne Sky - Login Page

Step 3: Under Admin, click on CRM.

FieldOne Sky - Office 365 Admin Page

Step 4: Click on Solutions -> Edit (Symbol) as shown in the below image.

FieldOne Sky - CRM Onlie Administration Center - Manage

Step 5: You can see list of SOLUTION NAME, VERSION, AVAILABLE UNTIL and STATUS. Select FieldOne Sky and INSTALL.

FieldOne Sky - CRM Onlie Administration Center - Manage your solutions

Step 6: Click on install, it will automatically install FieldOne Sky related solutions into CRM.

FieldOne Sky - Terms of service

Step 7: Once Solution is Installed, you can see the STATUS as Installed.

FieldOne Sky - Installed Status

We can see below 3 Solutions in CRM.

FieldOne Sky - CRM Solutions

Under Main Area, we can see FieldOne Sky Work Area.

FieldOne Sky - CRM Main Area

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