How to get Organization & Sql Server Database name in MS CRM using SQL Server

It is not mandatory to have the same CRM Organization Name (On-Premises) with same Database Name in Sql Server.

So to check which Oragnization pointing to the database can be known by using the below query

SqlServerName [SQL SERVER NAME],
SrsUrl [SSRS URL],

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Hide Quick Tour in CRM 2015 Online

When you open Online CRM for first time in a browser, we will see the below CRM Navigation/ Quick Tour Popup. If you click on Don’t show me this again also, this popup may appear again in a browser, if your browser cookies deleted.

Navigation Tour

If you want to hide Navigation/ Quick Tour permanently, there is a setting available.

Goto Settings –> Administration –> System Settings

Under General Tab, Find Set whether users see navigation tour option.

Select No for the option Display navigation tour to users when they sign in and click on OK.

System Settings

Close browser and open CRM to check this.

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Filter OptionSets based on Selection in MS CRM using Javascript

One of our friend requested me to help on the below requirement, Change Option Sets based on parent option set value selection,

Option Set Names

Follow the below steps,

Step 1: For this example I am using Contact entity. Open Contact Form.

Step 2: Create First Option Set field,

Display Name: Category
Name: new_category
Label: Ice Cream & Value: 100000000
Label: Soft Drinks & Value: 100000001

Category OptionSet
Step 3: Create Second Option Set field,

Display Name: Sub Category
Name: new_subcategory
Label: Amul & Value: 100000000
Label: Baskin Robins & Value: 100000001
Label: Kwality Wall’s & Value: 100000002
Label: Coca Cola & Value: 100000003
Label: Sprite & Value: 100000004
Label: Pepsi & Value: 100000005

SubCategory OptionSet

Step 4: Click Here to Download XML and create Data (XML) Web Resource (new_CategoryOptionSetConfig.xml)

Category Option Set Configurations XML

Save and Publish the Web Resource.

Step 5: Click Here to download Java Script Code and create new JScript Web Resource (new_ SampleOptionsSet.Js),
Sample Options Set JS
Save and Publish the Web Resource.

Step 6: Open Contact form. Drag and Drop the Category and Sub Category Optionset fields on the Contact Form.
Contact Form

Step 7: Click on Contact Form Properties.

  1. Add new_SampleOptionSet.js to the Form Libraries.
  2. Add Function SDK.DependentOptionSet.init on Form OnLoad.
  3. Copy and paste the parameter “new_CategoryOptionSetConfig.xml”, in Comma separated list of parameters…and click on OK. (Remove commas and enter manually)
  4. Onload Sample Option Set JS

    Onload Sample Option Set JS Add Function

  5. Double click on Category Option Set field. Add Function SDK.DependentOptionSet.filterDependentField on Onchange Event.
  6. Category OnChange Event

  7. Add Parameters (“new_category”,”new_subcategory”) in Comma separated list of parameters…and click on OK. (Remove commas and enter manually)
  8. Add Parameters to Sample Option Set On Category

    Save and Publish the Contact Form.

    Step 8: Open any New/ Existing Contact record to check below OptionSet behavior on selection,

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    Source: MSDN

CRM 2015 – Navigation and Themes

CRM 2015 New Features

Rajeev Pentyala - Microsoft Power Platform

With the advent of CRM Online 2015 Update 1, we got much awaited New Navigation Bar pattern (Vertical Stacked Menu) and Themes. New Navigation Bar –

CRM 2015 - Navigation Bar CRM 2015 – Navigation Bar

Themes –

  • With Themes, We can create a custom look and feel, to our CRM web application.We can change CRM applications
    • Logo
    • Navigation bar color
    • Header color
    • Default entity color
    • Default Custom entity color
    • Control Shade & Border
  • We can define multiple themes, but only one can be set and published as the default theme.
  • The theme customization is supported in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook
  • To create a new Theme, Navigate to Settings -> Customizations -> Themes

CRM 2015 - Themes CRM 2015 – Themes

  • We can create your own theme and Publish (Once published, Theme propagates to all Users)

CRM 2015 - Themes (Preview_Publish_Clone) CRM 2015 – Themes (PreviewPublishClone)

  • You can Clone new Theme from existing Theme and Preview

Below is sample theme I created, I added my own…

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