Office 365 Admin Phones App

The Office 365 Admin app empowers you, the Office 365 IT administrator to stay connected with your Office 365 environment on the go. You can now manage your users including resetting their passwords. In addition, you can also read the latest messages from Message Center, the central location for Office 365 service communications and view any active service support requests. A new dashboard allows you to quickly view service health status and more.

For increased security, the Office 365 Admin app supports Windows Azure Directory Multi-Factor Authentication and the option to set a unique application-specific PIN code.

IMPORTANT: You need to have an active Office 365 subscription with administrator user rights to use this app.

Office 365 Admin for Phones App

Upgrade Unified Service Desk from 2013 to 2015

I have imported Unified Service Desk – CRM 2013 SP1 with Product Updates package using USD Package Deployer 2013.


Before upgrading USD 2013 to 2015, check for the below solution versions

UIIForMicrosoftDynamicsCRM2011 (3.0.0.X) &
DynamicsUnifiedServiceDesk (1.0),

Update USD - Prerequisite

If you have the above solutions versions in CRM, Follow the below Steps to upgrade USD,

Step 1: Download Unified Service Desk 2015 Package Deployer. Click here and download “CRM2015-7.1-USD-PackageDeployer.exe

Step 2: Extract USD Package Deployer 2015, and goto the below path


Have to import these two files in the next steps,

Update USD - Step 2

Step 3: Open Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Online / Onpremise, goto the below path,

Microsoft Dynamics CRM -> Settings -> Solutions,

Click on Import and import the Solution, UiiForMicrosoftDynamicsCRM2011.

You may encounter the below error while importing. This is due to Plugin Assembly Version change.

If yes, follow Step 4. Otherwise goto Step 6.

Update USD - Step 3

Step 4: Goto Microsoft Dynamics CRM -> Settings -> Customizations, and click on Sdk Message Processing Steps.

Select all Microsoft.uii.Customization.Plugin.XYZ steps and Delete from CRM.

Update USD - Step 4

Step 5: Goto Microsoft Dynamics CRM -> Settings -> Customizations, and click on Plug-in Assemblies.

Select Microsoft.Uii.Customization.Plugin and Delete from CRM.

Update USD - Step 5

Step 6: After deletion, follow Step 3 to import UiiForMicrosoftDynamicsCRM2011 Solution.

After Successful import, you can see version of the imported solution to from 3.0.0.X

Update USD - Step 6

Step 7: Import DynamicsUnifiedServiceDesk solution into CRM,

Once it is imported successfully, you can see the version of the imported solution to 1.2.0.X

Update USD - Step 7

Step 8: Open Unified Service Desk Client and check for its version.

If you have 1.0.0.X version, then follow Step 9 to upgrade USD Client.

Update USD - Step 8

Step 9: Click here and Download Unified Service Desk Client (32 bit or 64 bit).

Step 10: Execute the UnifiedServiceDesk-amd64 exe (I am using 64 bit file), and follow the Wizard. It will automatically upgrade USD client to 1.2.0.X. Open USD Client and check for the version.

Update USD - Step 9

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Increase number of records per page in MS CRM

Follow the below process to increase number of records for a particular user,

Supported Way:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online / On-premise. Click on Gear Icon on Top Right Corner. Click on Options.

Step 2: Under General tab, select “Records Per Page” to the required records count per page. (Min: 25 and Max: 250)

Records Per Page

Step 3: Click on OK.

UnSupported Way:

In MS CRM OnPremises, Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

Right Click on the required MSCRM Organization (OrganizationName_MSCRM) and click on New Query.

For Example, I am providing PAGINGLIMIT = 500 AND FULLNAME = ‘Arun Potti’ in the below query

Copy & Paste the below query and Execute,


Refresh CRM Page and open any Entity or Advanced Find to see the effect.

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