How to get GUID of the record in CRM Online?

Follow the below methods to get GUID of the record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM,

Method 1:

Open any record and Click on EMAIL A LINK Ribbon button.

Record URL will be opened in Outlook Email and record GUID will be identified easily with Query String parameter id and look likes below,

id=%7b<32 bit GUID>%7d


Method 2:

Open the required record, and click on Pop Out Symbol.

Pop Out

The Record will be opened in a new Tab/ Window.

Record GUID will be identified in the URL as shown below,

Pop Out - 1

Method 3:

This method is totally Interesting, you will feel easy to get CRM record GUID on a single click using Google Chrome.

Follow the below steps,

  1. Open CRM Page in Google Chrome. Will create a Bookmark for the CRM Page. Click on Star Icon as shown below.
  2. Give Name for the Bookmark.
  3. Click on Edit.

Book Mark

4. Copy & Paste the below JS Code under URL,

javascript: if (window.prompt(“CRM Record GUID is :”, $(“iframe”).filter(function () { return ($(this).css(‘visibility’) == ‘visible’) })[0], -1))) { }

Note: Before Copy and Paste the above code, replace Double Quotations and Single Quotations properly.

Save the Bookmark.

Edit Book Mark

5. Click on Bookmark, you created “CRM Record GUID“. Pop Up will be displayed with CRM Record Id of the Record you opened.

Js Record Id

Method 3 information is from Blog CRMBlocks.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 SDK & UII Download Links

Download Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 SDK & UII from the below links,

Name Size Download Link Description
MicrosoftDynamicsCRM2015SDK.exe 83.6 MB Click Here Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Software Development Kit (SDK)
MicrosoftDynamicsCRM2015UII.exe 56.6 MB Click Here User Interface Integration (UII) solution framework, which includes a deployment guide, development guide and api reference for Unified Service Desk.

How to import CRM Orgnization Using CRM SQL Server backup file

Will import CRM Organization using Existing SQL Server CRM Database backup file. Follow the below steps,

Step 1: Open SQL Server Management Studio. I am using SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition.

Step 2: Provide Server name, Authentication, User name and Password. Click on Connect.

Import CRM Organization - Open SQL

Step 3: Take Backup of the Required Organization before do this Operation. Click here to know how to take backup of MSCRM Organization database backup.

Step 4: Right Click on Databases and click on Restore Database.

Import CRM Organization - Click on Restore Database

Step 5: Follow the below points,

  1. Select Device.
  2. Click on (Browse) button.
  3. Click on Add.
  4. Browse bak file that you would like to create Org in MSCRM.
  5. Click OK and Ok.

Import CRM Organization - Locate BAK Data file

Step 6: Provide Destination Database Name that you would like to give for New CRM Organization and click ok.

Import CRM Organization - Provide Destination DB Name

Step 7: Once the database is restored, you can see the below Message and Click on OK.

Import CRM Organization - Restored Successfully

Step 8: Open CRM Deployment Manager and Click on Import Organization….

Import CRM Organization - Open Deployment Manager

Step 9: You can see the below SQL Server and Organization database name automatically. Click Next.

Import CRM Organization - Select Server and Organization Name

Step 10: Provide Display Name for the New CRM Organization. Automatically Unique Database Name will populate and Click on Next.

Import CRM Organization - Provide CRM Organization Name

Step 11: Report Server URL will auto populate or Provide required URL. Click on Next.

Import CRM Organization - Provide CRM Report Server URL

Step 12: Select Automatically Map Users, and click on Next.

Import CRM Organization - Map Users Automatically

Step 13: You will see the list of Active Directory Users. Click on Next.

Import CRM Organization - Edit User Mappings

Step 14: Click on Next.

Import CRM Organization - System Checks

Step 15: Click on Import.

Import CRM Organization - Ready to Import

Step 16: Update Organization is in Progress.

Import CRM Organization - Import Organization Wizard

Step 17: Organization imported Succesfully. Click on Finish.

Import CRM Organization - Organization created Succesfully

Step 18: Goto CRM Deployment Manager and browse for the Organization that you created.

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