How to import CRM Orgnization Using CRM SQL Server backup file

Will import CRM Organization using Existing SQL Server CRM Database backup file. Follow the below steps,

Step 1: Open SQL Server Management Studio. I am using SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition.

Step 2: Provide Server name, Authentication, User name and Password. Click on Connect.

Import CRM Organization - Open SQL

Step 3: Take Backup of the Required Organization before do this Operation. Click here to know how to take backup of MSCRM Organization database backup.

Step 4: Right Click on Databases and click on Restore Database.

Import CRM Organization - Click on Restore Database

Step 5: Follow the below points,

  1. Select Device.
  2. Click on … (Browse) button.
  3. Click on Add.
  4. Browse bak file that you would like to create Org in MSCRM.
  5. Click OK and Ok.

Import CRM Organization - Locate BAK Data file

Step 6: Provide Destination Database Name that you would like to give for New CRM Organization and click ok.

Import CRM Organization - Provide Destination DB Name

Step 7: Once the database is restored, you can see the below Message and Click on OK.

Import CRM Organization - Restored Successfully

Step 8: Open CRM Deployment Manager and Click on Import Organization….

Import CRM Organization - Open Deployment Manager

Step 9: You can see the below SQL Server and Organization database name automatically. Click Next.

Import CRM Organization - Select Server and Organization Name

Step 10: Provide Display Name for the New CRM Organization. Automatically Unique Database Name will populate and Click on Next.

Import CRM Organization - Provide CRM Organization Name

Step 11: Report Server URL will auto populate or Provide required URL. Click on Next.

Import CRM Organization - Provide CRM Report Server URL

Step 12: Select Automatically Map Users, and click on Next.

Import CRM Organization - Map Users Automatically

Step 13: You will see the list of Active Directory Users. Click on Next.

Import CRM Organization - Edit User Mappings

Step 14: Click on Next.

Import CRM Organization - System Checks

Step 15: Click on Import.

Import CRM Organization - Ready to Import

Step 16: Update Organization is in Progress.

Import CRM Organization - Import Organization Wizard

Step 17: Organization imported Succesfully. Click on Finish.

Import CRM Organization - Organization created Succesfully

Step 18: Goto CRM Deployment Manager and browse for the Organization that you created.

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