Power Apps US Government service URLs

Follow the below table for accessing the Power Apps Commercial version URL and US Government (GCC, GCC High and DOD) version URLs.

Commercial version URLUS Government version URL
https://make.powerapps.comhttps://make.gov.powerapps.us (GCC)
https://make.high.powerapps.us (GCC High)
https://make.apps.appsplatform.us (DoD)
https://create.powerapps.comhttps://make.gov.powerapps.us (GCC)
https://make.high.powerapps.us (GCC High)
https://make.apps.appsplatform.us (DoD)
https://high.flow.microsoft.us/connectors (GCC High)
https://flow.appsplatform.us (DoD)
https://high.admin.powerplatform.microsoft.us (GCC High)
https://admin.appsplatform.us (DoD)
https://apps.powerapps.comhttps://play.apps.appsplatform.us (GCC)
https://apps.high.powerapps.us (GCC High)
https://play.apps.appsplatform.us (DoD)

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