How to Free-up Audit Log data in Dynamics 365 CE Online?

Microsoft has released a great feature to delete the Unwanted Audit Logs to free-up the space.

Also, Microsoft is migrating audit logs to a new storage location. Environments whose data migration is completed can use the new audit delete method. An environment with completed migration can be easily identified by the Auditing card visible below the Environment details.

Follow the below steps to know more about this feature.

Step 1: Login to Power Platform Admin Center (PPAC) with your credentials.

If you are using US Government (GCC, GCC High and DOD) Cloud, Click on the article link and find your related URL and login to PPAC.


Click on this link and Create 30 Dynamics CE Trial version and open PPAC Environment.

Step 2: Click on the required Environment.

Step 3: Click on Delete logs under Auditing -> Free up capacity.

Step 4: You can Delete logs by,

  1. By table,
  2. Access logs, by people and systems and
  3. All logs up to and including the selected date.

Choose By table:

Click on Select to select the list of all Tables, for which you want to delete the Audit logs.

For this example, Selected Account and Contact and Click on Delete to delete the logs.

Click on System Jobs to open System Jobs Table list in a separate browser window.

Click on Confirm to delete the logs for the selected Tables.

In the Bulk Deletion System Jobs, you can see the status of the Deleted Logs.

Open the record to see more details,

Access logs, by people and systems:

Select this option to delete all the logs related to people and systems.

You can see the below in the System Jobs.

All logs up to and including the selected date:

Select this option and choose the Date to delete all the logs from the beginning to the date selected for all Tables in the Environment.

You can see the below in the System Jobs.

Hope you have successfully followed all the steps and deleted the unwanted Audit Logs.

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