How to Install, Connect to Microsoft Dataverse and Use XrmToolBox (Part 1 of 5)?

XrmToolBox is a widely used Tool in Dynamics 365 CRM and it has many Tools, which helps us in our day to day activities in Dynamics.

In this article will see how to install XrmToolBox on your PC.


Follow the below steps for Installing the XrmToolBox.

Step 1: Click here to navigate to XrmToolBox official Website.

Step 2: Click on Download latest version button.

Step 3: Go to Downloads and find for file.

Step 4: Right Click on and Click on Extract All…

Step 5: Browse for the required Path and Click on Extract.

Step 6: Double Click on XrmToolbox.exe to open XrmToolbox.

XrmToolBox application launching is in progress.

Once the XrmToolBox installation is successful, you can see the below screen.

Hope you have successfully installed XrmToolBox on your PC.

In the next article, will see how to connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365/ Dataverse in XrmToolBox.

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