How to Install, Connect to Microsoft Dataverse and Use XrmToolBox (Part 3 of 5)?

In this XrmToolBox series, in the first two articles i have explained about,

  1. How to Install the XrmToolBox?
  2. How to Connect to Dataverse/ Dynamics 365 organization in XrmToolBox?

Now, in this article, I am going to explain about how to install Tools in XrmToolBox.

Follow the below steps for Installing FetchXML Builder Tool.

Step 1: Launch XrmToolBox.

Step 2: You can see the list of all available Tools in the XrmToolBox Tool Library.

Step 3: Click on Check button in the header to Uncheck all the Tools and will select only the required Tool(s) to Install.

All the Tools are UnChecked now.

Step 4: Enter “FetchXML Builder” text in the Search Textbox to get the required Tool in the XrmToolBox.

Step 5: Select the FetchXML Builder Tool and Click on that row to see the Description of the Tool.

Step 6: Click on Install.

Note: If you want to Install multiple Tools at a time, select all the required Tools and Click on Install.

Step 7: Once the Installation is successful, you can see the below message and also, the Tool will be greyed out.

Step 8: Close XrmToolBox Tool Library window.

Step 9: Go to Tools and provide “FetchXML Builder” in the Filter Text box to see the installed Tool.

Step 10: Click on the Tool to launch it.

Hope you have successfully installed “FetchXML Builder” tool in XrmToolBox.

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