How to restore a deleted Git Branch in Azure DevOps?

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A branch in Azure DevOps is an isolated version of the code that can be used to work offline without impacting the other developers code in your team. Generally, we create a branch for developing a new feature or for fixing a bug/ defect.

I have created a Git Branch in Azure DevOps “ArunPotti_Test_Branch” and accidentally that branch got deleted by someone.

So, followed the below steps to recover the deleted branch.

Step 1: Browse Azure DevOps.

Step 2: Click on your project and Click on Branches under Repos.

Step 3: Provide your deleted branch name in the Search Textbox and click on Enter.

Note: Make sure to give your Branch Name in correct casing. Incorrect casing will not give the required result.

You can see the below result under Deleted branches.

Step 4: Click on the three Vertical dots and Click on the Restore branch.

Your deleted Branch will be restored.

Hope you have successfully restored your deleted branch in Azure DevOps.

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