How to upgrade existing Unified Service Desk solutions to the latest version in CRM?

Followed the below steps for upgrading USD solutions from the below versions to the latest 4.1 solutions, without disturbing the existing USD configuration data.

Step 1: Click here and download USD 4.1 Package deployer. Click here to know more information on USD 4.1.

Step 2: Launch USD 4.1 Package Deployer. Click on Continue.

Step 3: Give all the necessary information and click on Login.

Select Display list of available organizations to get all the CRM Organizations.

Step 4: Choose the required CRM organization and click on Login.

Step 5: Select Unified Service Desk – Upgrade Package and click on Next.

Step 6: Below is the documentation of Unified Service Desk – Upgrade. Click on Next.

Step 7: Click on Next.

Step 8: Below is the list of solutions that are going to be upgraded in the CRM Organization. Click on Next.

Step 9: Below information is displayed, if all the required solutions imported successfully in CRM. Click on Next.

Step 10: We can see the below Installation Complete information. Click on Finish to close the installation process.

Step 11: Navigate to CRM and go to Settings -> Solutions to see the updated USD solutions

Hope you have successfully upgraded the Unified Service Desk to the latest version.


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