The new model-driven form designer (WYSISYG) in PowerApps for Model-driven apps (Dynamics 365 CE) Preview

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The new model-driven form designer (Preview) has some nice features added to it like

  • Searching for fields in the form

  • Tree View showing visual hierarchy of the controls for quick view and navigation inside the form.

The icon also makes it easy to identify the data type of the field.

  • We can also check and configure how the UI would render for different type of client application

  • Property Pane for the type of control selected which allows us to quickly update the properties unlike selecting the field and then clicking on Change Properties which will open the dialog box.

Few things that we could not found are

  • Ability to select and position fields and sections.
  • Sub Grid control are not available on the form for configuration.
  • No Header.
  • Footer is available but we cannot add fields to it.
  • No Business Rules or Form Properties dialog box.
  • No Enable Security Roles…

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How to retrieve multiple records using FetchXML in Dynamics 365 Online V 9.X using JavaScript WebAPI?

In my previous article, I have explained about How to retrieve multiple records using Odata Query in Dynamics 365 Online V 9.X using JavaScript WebAPI?

And now i will use the same example, which i used in my earlier article mentioned in the above link and retrieve multiple Account records using FetchXML query.

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How to check Portal user profile information in CRM?

Follow the below steps to see the portal user profile information in CRM.

Step 1: Login Dynamics CRM Organization in which the Dynamics CRM Portal configured.

Step 2: Navigate to CRM Contact records and open the required record to check the portal user information.

Step 3: Once the record is opened, select the Portal Contact Form and click on it.

Portal Contact Form

Note: Portal Contact form will be automatically created in CRM once the Dynamics Portal installed successfully.

Step 4: Goto Web Authentication Tab to see the profile information of the portal user.

Hope this article helped you to check the Profile information of a portal user 🙂