How to create Announcements in Dynamics CRM?

Announcements in Dynamics CRM are used to broadcast the important news to all the system users in an Organization.

Follow the below steps to create Announcements in CRM.

Step 1: Login CRM with System Administrator privilege.

Step 2: Click here to know about Sitemap Customization.

Edit Sitemap and create a New Sub Area under Sales -> My Work.


Select Type as URL

Give URL as /home/homepage/home_news.aspx

Give Title and ID as Announcements

Announcements SubArea in Sitemap

Save and Publish the Sitemap.

Step 3: Go to CRM, navigate to Sales -> Announcements.

Announcements in CRMYou can see the list of Announcements available. As of now there is no data.

Announcements - With No Data

In the next step, will create some sample announcements to see the data.

Step 4: Navigate to Settings -> Administration and click on Announcements.

Announcements under Settings

Step 5: Click on New to create a new Announcement.


Step 6: Provide the data as explained below,

Title :  Heading of your Announcement,

Body : Message of your Announcement

More Information URL : Give URL if there is any

Expiration Date : Announcement will not be shown from the date mentioned here, if you provide any date.

Provided some sample data as shown below.

Announcements - With Sample Data

Save and Close the Announcement.

Step 7: Navigate to Announcements Sub Area under Sales -> My Work.

Check the Announcements created.

For illustration, created some more announcements.

Announcements - Final Messages


Minimum Read privilege is required on the Announcements entity for an user to view these Announcements.

Schema name of this entity is businessunitnewsarticle.

Announcement Privilege

Hope you have successfully created Announcements in CRM.

Edit 1:

Announcements are deprecated and will be removed in a future major release of Dynamics 365. Click here to know more.

Same feature can be implemented with a HTML Webresource and a custom entity like Announcements, if required.


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