How to create personal views in CRM?

Follow the below steps to create personal views in CRM,

Step 1: Open CRM and Advanced Find.

Step 2: Now I am going to Create a personal view for Lead Entity.

Select Look for: Lead and give your own criteria.

Here I want to show all Leads, whose Est. Value4,000,000.00

Advanced Find Filter Criteria

Step 3: Now I want to add Est.Value Column in the Results View.

  1. Click on Edit Columns.
  2. Click on Add Columns.

Edit Columns

3. Select Est. Value. click on OK.

Add Columns

Click on OK.

Step 4: Click on Results.


Step 5: Will see all Lead records, with Est.Value Is Greater Than 4,000,000.00.

Results View

Now we have seen a record meeting our Criteria. Now will Save this Personal View.

Step 6: Click on Advanced Find and Click on Save as shown below.

Save Personal View

Step 7: Give some proper Name and Description to this Personal View and Save.

Save As Personal View

Step 8: This Personal View is available to see in 2 different places.

  1. Go to Microsoft Dynamics CRM -> Sales -> Leads and Select Views under Lead’s Home Page Grid. Under My Views, we can see all Personal Views.

Lead Home Page Grid

2. Open Advanced Find, and Select Look for: Lead. Click on Saved Views.

Saved Views

We can see all Saved Views belongs to Lead Entity.

Active Saved Views

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