Enable OneDrive for Business in CRM 2016 Online

Follow the below steps to configure OneDrive for Business in CRM 2016 Online.

Go to Settings -> Document Management and click on Enable OneDrive for Business.

After Click on OK, we can see the below message,

OneDrive for Business relies on server-based SharePoint integration. To use this feature, enable server-based integration and have at least one active SharePoint site.

Which means, we should Enable Sharepoint in CRM, before using OneDrive feature in CRM Online.

Enable OneDrive

Follow the below steps to configure OneDrive for Business,

Step 1: Click here and follow my previous article to configure Office 365 Enterprise E3 Trial Subscription and Assign Product License to the required user.

Step 2: Next, we should configure SharePoint Online with CRM.
Click here and follow my previous article from Step 6 to Step 20 to configure.

Skip Step 7 – How to Integrate Dynamics CRM and Share Point Online and follow the below steps,

  1. Go to Office 365 Admin Page (https://portal.office.com/myapps).
  2. Click on OneDrive.

Admin Page - View All Apps

3. Copy the OneDrive Link and use this link to Configure SharePoint with CRM as mentioned in my previous article Step 14 – How to Integrate Dynamics CRM and Share Point Online.

One Drive Sharepoint Link

Step 3: Once Step 2, successfully configured,

Go to Microsoft Dynamics CRM -> Settings -> Document Management. Follow the below steps

  1. Click on Enable OneDrive for Business
  2. Select Enable OneDrive for Business.
  3. Click on OK.

Enable One Drive

Successfully Configured OneDrive for Business in CRM.

Step 4: Now we will upload a sample file and Test OneDrive Integration with CRM.

Go to Microsoft Dynamics CRM -> Service -> Accounts and open any existing Account record.

Click on Documents under Account record.

Documents Associate Grid

Step 5: Under Document Associated Grid,

  1. Click on Upload
  2. Choose File and give some Sample File to test.
  3. Select OneDrive under CRM Folder.
  4. Click on OK to upload the File associated with your Account record in OneDrive.

Upload Documents

Step 6: We can see the File in Document Associated Grid and Go to More Commands and click on Open Location to see the Physical Location of the File.

Attachments in Document Associated Grid

Attachment in OneDrive for Business

Thank you for reading this Article and hope you have successfully Integrated and Tested OneDrive for Business with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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