How to Enable/ Disable languages in Dynamic 365 Online?

Follow the below steps to Enable/ Disable languages in CRM Online,

Step 1: Goto Dynamics 365 -> Settings -> Administration. Click on Languages.


Step 2: Select the required Language to Enable/ Disable and Apply.

In this Example, I am going to Enable Language Hindi (India).

Select Enable or Disable Languages

Step 3: Click on Ok to Confirm Language Change.

Enable Language_Click Ok

Step 4: It will take some time to Enable/ Disable Languages.

Language Settings_Work in Progress

Step 5: Click on Personal Settings to see the Enable/ Disable Language changes.

Personal Settings

Step 6: Go to Languages Tab and see the newly added language. Select Hindi (India) to see the changes in CRM and click on OK.

Language Options in Personal Settingsjpg

Step 7: You can see the new language in CRM.

CRM in Hindi

Hope you learned a new thing today :):):)



An error occurred while trying to add the report to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Try adding the report again in CRM 2013

Got this Report error, when I was importing a Managed Solution contains a report to an organization.


Later I opened the report and found that there was a problem with the expression.

The problem is,

I have used “=TOday()” (Capital letter O’, instead of small letter ‘o’) in an expression.


Updated the expression “=Today()” and uploaded the Report rdl file.

Took the latest Managed Solution with the latest rdl file and solution imported successfully.

Issue resolved. Hope this helps 🙂