How to Enable Tenant-level analytics for Power Automate flows?

Microsoft has released a great feature to see Tenant-level analytics include analytics for Power Automate – Cloud/ Desktop flows deployed across multiple environments or the entire tenant.

Tenant-wide analytics are built on service telemetry data derived from Power Platform apps, bots, and services. These solutions allow environment admins to effectively monitor activities related to Cloud flows across the organization.

Admins with the following roles and a license can view the Power Platform admin center analytics:

  • Tenant-level administrator – has access to all environments
  • Environment-level admin – environment list is filtered to include only environments where the admin has Contributor or Environment Admin role

In this article, will explain about enabling the Tenant-level analytics for your Dynamics 365 CE Tenant.

Step 1: Login to Power Platform Admin Center (PPAC) with your credentials.

If you are using US Government (GCC, GCC High and DOD) Cloud, Click on the article link and find your related URL and login to PPAC.


Click on this link and Create 30 Dynamics CE Trial version and open PPAC Environment.

Step 2: Click on Settings Icon.

Step 3: Click on Power Platform settings.

Step 4: By default Enable tenant-level analytics is set to off. Click on it to Turn On.

Step 5: Read the Terms of Service and Click on Enable.

Step 6: Click on Save.

You can see the below message, once the Setting is saved successfully.

Step 7: Click on Cancel to close the window.

You have successfully enabled Power Automate Tenant-level analytics.

Now, will see the Analytics in Power Platform Admin Center (PPAC). Refresh the PPAC browser window.

Step 8: Click on Analytics.

Step 9: Click on Power Automate.

Step 10: Click on Environment level analytics dropdown.

Step 11: Click on Tenant level analytics.

You can see the Metrics (Usage, Maker Activity and Inventory) of all Flows (Cloud and Desktop).

Hope you have successfully completed the Power Automate Tenant-level analytics by following all the steps.

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