How to restore Database Backup in Dynamics 365 Online?

We might require to restore an existing backup of Dynamics 365, if there is any issue while deployment or for any other reason.

Follow the below steps to do the restore the Database backup of Dynamics 365 online environment.

Step 1: Login into Power Platform Admin Center (PPAC) using your System Admin or System Customizer credentials.

Normal Environment:



US GCC Environment:

Step 2: Select the required Environment to restore the backup. For example, I want to restore the backup of Development Environment.

Step 3: Click on Backups button and Click on Restore or manage.

Step 4: You can do the Restore the database using the Automated System or Manual backups.

System backup:

Choose required Date and Time to restore the backup. Once it is selected and then click on Continue.


Backup that you have done manually, like i mentioned in my earlier article,

How to take the Back-Up of Dynamics 365 Online environment?,

then Select the required Backup. Click on and then Click on Restore.

Step 5: Choose the Select environment to overwrite and If you want to change the name of the Environment then Edit the Name under Edit details.

Click on Restore.

Step 6: Click on Confirm.

Step 7: Restore will be done in the background. You can see the details.

Click on Check status to refresh the status.

Note: Time to Restore the DB is completely depending up on your size of the Database. This might take some Minutes or some Hours.

Step 8: Once restore is done, you can see the below message.

Step 9: After DB restore, Administration mode will be Enabled automatically.

Click on Edit and disable Administration mode.

Click on Administration mode and confirm it is Disabled. Click on Save.

Hope you have understood the article and successfully restored the Backup of Dynamics 365 environment online.

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