How to create Rich Text Editor in Dynamics 365 CE?

Rich Text Editor control is available as part of 2020 release Wave 2.

Requirement: Create a Comments (Rich Text Editor) column in Contact Table and place it under Timeline Control.


Follow the below steps to create Rich Text Editor control in Dynamics 365 CE.

Step 1: Login to Dynamics 365 CE using your existing credentials


Create a Dynamics 365 CE 30 days trial Version.

Step 2: Browse the link in a new browser tab and login with your Dynamics 365 CE credentials.

Step 3: By default Microsoft (default) environment will be loaded and make sure to select your required Environment to make the changes.

Step 4: Click on Tables under Data and click on Contact Table.

Step 5: Click on Forms and open Contact Form.

Step 6: Click on + New table column to create a new column.

Step 7: On the Right Hand Side, New Table Column fields will appear for creating a column.

Provide the Display name and Choose Data type as Multiline Text.

Click on Done to create column.

Step 8: You can see the below Creating Table Column message, when creating a column in the background. Once column is created, this will disappear.

Step 9: Search for our Comments column under Table Columns and place it under Timeline control.

Step 10: Save and Publish the form.

Step 11: Click on Switch to classic.

Step 12: Double click on Comments field.

Step 13: Click on Controls and on Add Control…

Step 14: Select Rich Text Editor Control and Click on Add.

Note: Rich Text Editor Control can be configured only for Multiple Lines of Text, Single line of Text and Text Area data types only.

Step 15: Choose Web, Phone and Tablet as shown below and Click on OK.

Step 16: Save and Publish the Contact form.

Step 17: Open any Contact record in any Model driven app to see your changes in Contact form.

Hope you have successfully configured Rich Text box control in Dynamics 365 CE.

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