How to use Barcode scanner feature in Dynamics 365 for Phones App using Javascript?

Invokes the device camera to scan the barcode information, such as a product number.


Xrm.Device.getBarcodeValue().then(successCallback, errorCallback);


Parameter Name Type Required Description
successCallback Function Yes A function to call when the barcode value is returned as a String.
errorCallback Function Yes A function to call when the operation fails. An error object with the message property (String) will be passed that describes the error details.

Return Value: On success, returns a string containing the scanned barcode value.

Note: This method is supported only for the mobile clients.

Example: Created a Scan Barcode button on Account Form and configured the below function on OnClick of the button.

function GetBarcodeValue() {
 function success(result) {
 Xrm.Navigation.openAlertDialog({ text: "Barcode value: " + result });
 function (error) {
 Xrm.Navigation.openAlertDialog({ text: error.message });


1.Open Dynamics 365 for Phones App in Mobile or Tablet,

2.Navigate to Accounts and open any Account record and Tap on commands (…).

3.Tap on Scan Barcode.

4.Mobile inbuilt Barcode Scanner app will be opened. Place a Bar Code and scan for it.

5.Once the App identifies the Barcode correctly, it will capture the Barcode Value.

Hope you learned a new thing today :):):)



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