How to Search Inactive records using Quick Find View?

Using CRM OOB, we can search Only Active records for CRM Entities, other than Case Entity.

Please follow the below steps to Search, both Active and Inactive records of Contact,

Step 1: Goto Microsoft Dynamics CRM -> Settings -> Customizations and click on Customize the System.

Customize the System

Step 2: Under Entities,

  1. Expand Contact Entity.
  2. Click on Views under Contact.
  3. Double click on Quick Find Active Contacts.
  4. Click on Edit Filter Criteria.

Step 2 - Edit Filter Criteria

5. By Default, Status Equals Active which means CRM System will search only Active Contact Records.

Now Click on Clear to search both Active and Inactive Contact records.

Step 2 - 5.Clear Filter Criteria

6. Now Click on OK.

Step 2 - 6. Cleared Filter Criteria

7. Click on Save and Close in Quick Find View.

Step 2 - 7. Save and Close Quick Find View

Step 3: Click on Contact Entity and Publish.

Step 3 - Publish Contact Entity

Step 4: Once Contact Entity Customizations Published,

Goto Microsoft Dynamics CRM -> Sales -> Contacts.

Search for the Inactive record in Contact Homepage grid.

Step 4 - Contacts Home Page Grid

Step 5: After Searching, can see the required Inactive record in the Configured Quick Find View.

Step 5 - Inactive Contact record

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