How to configure subscriptions in MS CRM 2016 Online?

Follow the below steps to configure Office 365 Enterprise E3 Subscription in Online CRM 2016.

For more details on Office 365 Enterprise E3, please Click here.

Step 1: Create CRM Online 2016 30 days’ trial version. Click here to create.


Use the existing trial Version, if you have.

Step 2: Open Provide your credentials and Sign in.

99.Office 365 Login

Step 3: Under Office 365 Admin center preview Home Page,

  1. Click on Billing.
  2. Click on Subscriptions.
  3. By default, can see only one Subscription “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Trial” for 30 days.

Click on Add subscriptions, to find & subscribe Office 365 Enterprise E3 Trial Version.

99.Admin center preview - Subscriptions

Step 4: Under Enterprise Suite, can see “Office 365 Enterprise E3”.

  1. Hover on it, and click on Start free trial.

99.Enterprise Suite2. Click on Try now.

99.Confirm your order

3. Click on Continue.

99.order receipt

4. Within few minutes, the subscription will be added to your Office 365 account.
Goto Office 365 Home Page and goto Billing -> Subscriptions to see the Active Subscriptions. (If not refresh the page)

99.Office 365 Enterprise E3 Trial

Step 5: Successfully we added the subscription to Office 365 account. Now we have to Assign License to the User to access Office 365 suite. Follow the below steps for the same,

  1. Under Office 365 Home, Goto Users -> Active users.
  2. Click on required user to provide the License. Then we can see User Profile.
  3. Click on Edit under Product licenses.

99.User Profile
4. Click on Office 365 Enterprise E3 to make it On from Off.

99.Product licenses

5. Click on Assign.

99.Assign License

6. Now we can see the Active Subscriptions under User Profile

99.User Profile - License

Step 6: Click on App Launcher to see Apps under your Login,

99.Office 365 - All Apps

We have successfully configured Subscription and Assigned License to the User. Hope you find it easy to Configure Subscriptions in Online CRM.

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