How to Create Azure Service Bus and Queue in Microsoft Azure Portal?

Azure Service Bus is a fully managed enterprise message broker with message queues and publish-subscribe topics.

In this article, will explain about creating Azure Service Bus and a Queue in Azure Portal.

Pre-requisite: Follow the below article to Create Azure 30 days Trial version.

How to create Microsoft Azure Trial Version?

Follow the below steps for creating the Azure Service Bus and a Queue.

Step 1: Navigate to Azure Portal.

Step 2: Click on Create or Create service bus namespace.

Step 3: Choose the Resource group (if you have any)


Click on Create new to create a new resource group.

Note: For this article, am going to create a new resource group.

Step 4: Provide the Resource Name and Click on OK.

Step 5: Provide some unique Namespace name for the Service Bus.

Step 6: Choose the nearest Location.

Step 7: Choose the required Pricing tier.

Note: Click on the Browse the available plans and their features to see the features of the Pricing tier.

Step 8: Click on Next: Advanced >

Step 9: Click on Next: Networking >

Step 10: Click on Next: Tags >

Step 11: Provide Tags and Click on Next: Review + Create >

For this article, I had provided the below Sample Tags.

Step 12: Once the Validation succeeded, Click on Create.

Service Bus Deployment is in progress.

Step 13: Once the Deployment is completed, Click on Go to resource.

Step 14: Service Bus has been successfully created now and will create a Queue under this Service Bus.

Click on Queues.

Step 15: Click on Queue.

Step 16: Provide Name and Click on Create.

Service Bus Queue has been created successfully.

Step 17: Click on the Queue sbq-contactquery.

Step 18: Click on Shared access policies.

Step 19: Click on Add.

Step 20: Provide the Policy name, Select Manage and Click on Create.

SAS Policy has been created successfully.

Step 21: Click on the Policy.

You can see the Primary Key, Secondary Key, Primary Connection String, Secondary Connection String and SAS Policy ARM ID.

Hope you have successfully created Azure Service Bus and the Queue in the Microsoft Azure Portal.

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