Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector is deprecated

Microsoft has announced that Dynamics 365 Connector is officially deprecated effective from May 5, 2020 and recommended that, not to create any new connections using this connector.

From April 29, 2022, this connection cannot be used for Data Integrations, Flows, Logic Apps, and Canvas Apps. Existing connections will continue to work until they are edited, and as an alternative Dataverse connector must be used in place of Dynamics 365 Connector.

On July 28th 2022, this Dynamics 365 connector will be completely disabled and existing logic will not work. So, start using this Microsoft Dataverse connector for Data Integrations, Flows, Logic Apps, and Canvas Apps. Migrate all your existing logic to the new Microsoft Dataverse connector.

There are some limitations, where we cannot see/ use Microsoft Dataverse Connector are,

  • It isn’t available in Logic Apps.
  • It doesn’t enable cross-tenant or cross environment connections.
  • It cannot be used for canvas apps that use theĀ Power Apps for Windows client.

In anyone of the above situations, start using the below Microsoft Dataverse (legacy) Connector.

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