How to create a Product Support Ticket in Dynamics 365 Online?

In general, you might encounter Product issues with Dynamics 365 CRM or Power Platform. At this kind of situation, you need to raise a Product Ticket to understand the root cause and the resolution for your issue.

In this article, will explain how to create a Product Support Ticket for Dynamics 365/ Power Platform product issues.

Will see a real scenario, where i got an issue when i am working on the Trial Instance.

Issue: When i am trying to recover a deleted Environment, got the below error.

My Trial Subscription is Active and also I have a single trial environment, still i am getting this error. Now, i am going to create a Product ticket for this issue.

Follow the below steps to do the same.

Step 1: Login to Power Platform Admin Center (PPAC) with valid credentials.

Step 2: Click on Help + Support.

Step 3: Click on + New support request button on the ribbon.


On the Center of the page “New support request” button.

You can see the New support request screen.

Step 4: Select an option in “What product were you using when the issue occurred?” dropdown.

For instance, i have an issue regarding Environment recovery and I am choosing “Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement“.

Step 5: Provide the information regarding the problem in “Tell us what you need help with” textbox.

Step 6: Choose “Problem type” as Delete or recover an environment.

Step 7: Select the required Environment from the Environment dropdown and Click on See Solutions.

Step 8: In the Solutions tab, you can see the list of all available solutions for the problem you are facing.

Check all of them, if it resolves the issue, then you can stop this process of creating a Support request.

Otherwise, Click on Next.

Step 9: In the Details tab, Choose your Support plan.

As I am using Dynamics CRM 30 days Trial, I have Dynamics Online Support plan, hence choosing that.

Step 10: Provide an Issue description.

Step 11: Choose an option for “Is the problem you’re reporting related to a recent service change?” dropdown.

If you have no idea what to choose, then choose as N/A.

Step 12: Choose an option for “How severe is this issue?“, this is completely depends up on the impact that you have it on your project with the issue that you are facing.

I am choosing, Minimal – business can function, but there are minor impediments.

Step 13: Attach the error logs or screenshots, if you have any.

Step 14: Click on Next.

Step 15: Provide your Contact info like Country/ region, Email address, CC these prople on all emails for this support request, Phone number and Best way to reach you.

Click on Submit.

Support request will be created and you will get an email.

Step 16: Click on Issue title to see the Details and Communication history of your support ticket.

Communication history:

After ticket creation, a concerned person from the Microsoft Product Team will contact us to understand the issue.

They will check all the logs and replicate the issue from their side and provides solution to the issue, accordingly based on the issue severity and priority.

Hope, you understood the way of creating the Product ticket from the Power Platform Admin Center (PPAC).

Please share your valuable feedback on this article.


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