Power Automate Flow Error: There is no active transaction

Recently, got the below error while Saving the Power Automate Flow in Dev Environment.

“Request to XRM API failed with server error: ‘Message: There is no active transaction. This error is usually caused by custom plug-ins that ignore errors from service calls and continue processing. Code:0X80040251 InnerError: ‘- The tracking Id is xxx”.

Checked all the connections, whether is there any disconnections are not. But that is not the problem.

And later found that, the owner of the flow is not having any security roles.

Assigned the System Administrator Security role and tried to Save the flow, it worked.

Hope this resolution will help you to resolve the problem.

One thought on “Power Automate Flow Error: There is no active transaction

  1. Hi Arun Sir,
    I also faced similar kind of issue for OOB Classic workflow in one of my project and when checked found that owner of the workflow was a disabled user and assigned the workflow to valid user resolved the issue.

    Sainath Pillanagrovi


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