Autocomplete feature in Dynamics CRM UCI

In my earlier article, i have explained about How to use Autocomplete feature in Dynamics 365?

Actual this logic works only if, addOnKeyPress function works. But in UCI this will not work, as this function is deprecated.

So, follow the below steps, to use the same Autocomplete search feature in UCI.

Use case: Enable Address1: Country/Region field as Autocomplete in Contact entity.

Step 1: Open Contact Form and place Out of the box field Address 1: Country/Region on the Form.

Step 2: Double Click on the field to see Field Properties. Go to Controls and click on Add Control

Step 3: Select Auto-Complete control and click on Add.

Step 4: Choose Auto-Complete field to be visible on Web, Phone and Tablet.

Now, we have to set Input parameters for the field address1_country.

First Parameter is Source which has View and Option Set.

Select View, if you have a custom entity to map. In this example, i am selecting View, as i have Country Entity (Master data). Check my previous article for more information on Country entity.

Otherwise, select Option Set to map to an existing Option Set field in the same entity itself.

Click on OK.

Step 5: Edit the View property field.

Step 6: Choose the Entity and View for the Data Source. Click on OK.

Step 7: Edit the Field property.

Step 8: Choose the relevant field to show the Country Name in the Country Entity and Click on OK.

Step 9: Final Input properties looks like the below. Click on OK.

Step 10: Save and Publish the Contact Entity.

Step 11: Open any Contact record in UCI App.

Enter some Text in Address 1: Country/Region to see the Autocomplete search.

Hope you have successfully configured Autocomplete feature in UCI.


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