CRM 2015 – Navigation and Themes

CRM 2015 New Features

Rajeev Pentyala - Microsoft Power Platform

With the advent of CRM Online 2015 Update 1, we got much awaited New Navigation Bar pattern (Vertical Stacked Menu) and Themes. New Navigation Bar –

CRM 2015 - Navigation Bar CRM 2015 – Navigation Bar

Themes –

  • With Themes, We can create a custom look and feel, to our CRM web application.We can change CRM applications
    • Logo
    • Navigation bar color
    • Header color
    • Default entity color
    • Default Custom entity color
    • Control Shade & Border
  • We can define multiple themes, but only one can be set and published as the default theme.
  • The theme customization is supported in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook
  • To create a new Theme, Navigate to Settings -> Customizations -> Themes

CRM 2015 - Themes CRM 2015 – Themes

  • We can create your own theme and Publish (Once published, Theme propagates to all Users)

CRM 2015 - Themes (Preview_Publish_Clone) CRM 2015 – Themes (PreviewPublishClone)

  • You can Clone new Theme from existing Theme and Preview

Below is sample theme I created, I added my own…

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