Ribbon Workbench for Dynamics CRM 2013/2015

In this post, I am going to explain how to install Ribbon Workbench in CRM Online or On-Premise.

Please follow the below steps,

Step 1: Click Here to Download Ribbon Workbench managed solution. Provide your Name and E-MAIL and click on Accept to start download.

RibbonWorkbench 1

Step 2: After Download, Open Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online or On-Premise.

Goto Microsoft Dynamics CRM –> Settings –> Solutions.

Step 3: Click on Import. Browse for RibbonWorkbench managed solution and Click on Next.

RibbonWorkbench 2

Step 4: Click on Import.

RibbonWorkbench 3

RibbonWorkbench 4

Step 5: Click on Close. Refresh the Page to see the RIBBON WORKBENCH button in CRM,

RibbonWorkbench 5

RibbonWorkbench 6

Step 6: Click on RIBBON WORKBENCH, you can see the below screen. If it asks for any updates, update them.

RibbonWorkbench 7

You can see more examples on Ribbon Workbench in my upcoming posts.

Please provide your valuable comments on this article.

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