How to setup Unified Service Desk (USD)

CRM Unified Service Desk Startup


Hi everyone, so today ,we are going to discuss ,how to setup USD.:-

1) First of all u should have your on-premise or CRM online trial account.

For Downloading USD agent ,Go to the link
2) Download the file squared with red color and we have to select either one of green circled file . If your computer is of 32 bit then download i386.exe ,otherwise download amd64.exe for 64 bit machine.


3)Run either i386 or amd64. For this case i am running amd64.exe and got below screen


4) Make a new folder and click “OK”. Here  I created a folder “usd”.


5) Now , after finishing this,  start package deployer, tick and continue.


6) Repeat step 3 and 4

7) click Continue.


8) Most important step.Select appropriate Deployment type ,for example, if you are using CRM online choose “office 365” . If you have more than one organisation…

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