Set custom WhatsApp icon for custom Case Origin in CRM

In Case entity, for Origin field we can create custom icons to show them in Views, For instance you can see the below icons for Origin like Phone, Email and Web.

Case Home page grid Sample

Let us create a Custom Icon “WhatsApp”, and follow the below steps,

Step 1: Open Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online/On-Premise, and go to Settings -> Customizations. Click on Customizations.

Step 2: Go to Entities -> Case -> Fields. Open Origin OptionSet Field.

Origin Field in Case Entity

Step 3: Click on Edit and Create new Option and provide label as WhatsApp and Keep the default Value as 100000000.

WhatsApp Option Creation in Origin OptionSet

Step 4: Now our target is to show WhatsApp icon in view. So, create a new Web Resource of type PNG.

Before creating web resource, we should follow below points,

  1. Web Resource Name should start with prefix new.
  2. Name should be Incident_origincode_icon<WhatsApp OptionSet Value>.png.

In our example, WhatsApp OptionSet value is 100000000.

So our web Resource name is Incident_origincode_icon100000000.png

Click Here to download WhatsApp 16 X 16 PNG image.

After downloading, browse for the image in web resource. Save & Publish.

Incident Webresource

Step 5: Click on Create and click Case to create case record.

Quick Create Navigation

Provide the details and select Origin as “WhatsApp” and Save,

Case record Creation

Step 6: Finally Go to Microsoft Dynamics CRM -> Services -> Cases, to see list of cases in Home page grid


I think you enjoyed of doing this activity. Please Comment on this post.

You can check main MSDN Article here.



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