How to check for Dynamics 365 CE online regions using a URL?

Looking at the URL of your CRM Organization, we can easily identify the region, where the Application and Database is hosted.

Below is the list of all CRM Regions and their URLs.

SnoCRM Region NameURL
1North America/ US GOV High (GCC High)
2South America (LATAM/SAM)
3Canada (CAN)
4Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)
5Asia Pacific (APAC)
6Australia (OCE)
7Japan (JPN)
8India (IND)
9North America 2 (US Gov GCC)
10United Kingdom (UK)
12United Arab Emirates (UAE)

If your CRM Organization URL is like the below,

By looking at the above table, we can easily say that the organization belongs to India Region.

Hope this article, helps you to easily recognize your organization region.


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