Email Signatures in Dynamics 365 9.X

It is an interesting feature to add your different Email Signatures for every email that you send, like the same we do for outlook.

Follow the below steps to create Email Signatures in Dynamics 365 9.X.

Step 1: Login Dynamics 365 CRM and Click on Settings/ Gear Icon on the Top Right Corner of the CRM page.

Email Signatures - Options

Step 2: Click on Email Signatures and Click on New.

Email Signatures - Create New

Step 3: New Email Signature record will be opened and give the Title of the Signature, select the Language and custom Email Signature in the Email Body.

Save the record.

If you want this Email Signature to make it as Default for any Email that you send, click on Set as Default button on the Ribbon.

Email Signatures - Save Signature

If you don’t want this signature to be default, then click on Remove Default on the Email Signature record.

Email Signatures - Remove Default

Step 4: To test this Signature, Go to Sales -> Activities and click on Email button on the ribbon.

Email Signatures - Create Email record

Step 5: New Email record will be opened with the Default Signature.

If you want to insert any other signature, click on INSERT SIGNATURE button on the ribbon.


Click on the Icon as shown in the below picture.

Email Signatures - Insert Signature in Email

Hope you have learned a new feature today 🙂



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