REST – Introduction


REST represents Representational State Transfer. REST is an architectural style in which every resource is addressed by using a unique URI. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a resource can be an entity collection or a record.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation of OData

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 uses the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Data Services framework to provide an Open Data Protocol (OData) endpoint that is a REST-based data service. This endpoint is called the Organization Data Service. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the service root URI is:

[Your Organization Root URL]/xrmservices/2011/organizationdata.svc/$metadata


The OData endpoint provides an alternative to the SOAP endpoint, but there are currently some limitations.

Only Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete actions can be performed on entity records.

  • Messages that require the Execute method cannot be performed.
  • Associate and disassociate actions can be performed by using navigation properties.


Courtesy : MSDN Microsoft


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