How to disable Email Tracing Token in Dynamics 365 CE?

By default, whenever you send an email from Dynamics 365 CE, you would have observed that the Tracing Token appended at the end of the Email Subject like CRM:00010003.

But, if you do not want to show this tracing token, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Login to Power Apps Maker Portal with your credentials.

If you are using US Government (GCC, GCC High and DOD) Cloud, Click on the article link and find your related URL and login to Power Apps Maker Portal.


Click on this link and Create 30 Dynamics CE Trial version.

Step 2: Click on the Environment.

Step 3: Choose the required Environment.

Step 4: Click on Settings.

Step 5: Click on Advanced Settings.

Step 6: Click on Settings.

Step 7: Click on Administration Under System.

Step 8: Click on System Settings.

Step 9: Click on Email Tab.

Step 10: Uncheck the Use tracking token.

Step 11: Click on OK.

Now create an Email Activity and Send. See in the Subject, you will not find the Tracing Token in it.

Note: Please do this, only if you do not want to track any emails in your Dynamics 365 Online organization.

Hope you have successfully removed this Tracing Token in the Email Subject.

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