What is TDS in Dynamics 365 CE online?

TDS stands for Tabular Data Stream (TDS). TDS is a Protocol and it is an endpoint for the Dataverse.

This endpoint enables us to connect to the Dataverse for accessing the data in Dynamics 365 CE or Power Platform environments. This endpoint allows read-only access to the system for reporting and analytics. TDS endpoint is managed by a System Administrator. Best part is that, you can see the data based on your security roles provided in Dynamics 365 CE.

Using this TDS, you can connect to SSMS (v18.4 and higher) and Power BI applications.

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is an integrated environment for managing any SQL infrastructure from SQL Server to Azure SQL Database. This Dataverse TDS endpoint allows us to perform read-only T-SQL queries that runs on the server.

Power BI desktop used to create reports on the data sets. Using this Dataverse TDS, from the Power BI desktop, you can connect to Dynamics 365 CE/ Power Platform environments and create Power BI Dashboards/ Reports with the native security.

Hope you understood about the TDS endpoint in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE.

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