How to configure Auto number in Dynamics 365 online using Power Apps Designer?

Follow the below steps to configure Auto Number for Contact entity in Dynamics 365 online using Power Apps Designer.

Step 1: Login to existing Dynamics 365 CRM Online 30 days trial version with System Admin Credentials.


Click here for my previous article to create Dynamics 365 CRM Online 30 days Trial Version.

Step 2: Click here and open Power Apps with Dynamics 365 CRM Admin Credentials.

Power Apps Studio Home Page

Step 3: Select the required CRM Organization to create AutoNumber for an Entity from the Environment dropdown, which is shown on the top right of the Power Apps home Page.

Step 4: From the Left hand side menu, Click on Data -> Entities to see the list of entities from the CRM Organization, you have selected in the previous step.

Step 5: Click on Contact Entity to see the List of fields, Relationships, Business Rules etc.

Select Fields and Click on + Add field and will create an Auto Number field.

Step 6: Give Display Name and Choose Data type as Autonumber.

Choose Autonumber type, Prefix, Minimum number of digits and Seed Value as required. Click here for more information.

As of now, I am using OOB Values as is and Click on Done.

Step 7: Click on Save Entity. Entity will be saved and published.

Step 8: Open Dynamics CRM Online and place Contact Auto Number field on the Contact form. Save and Publish the Contact entity.

Navigate to Contacts and create a record. Auto number will be created automatically.

Note: Click here to know more information about Autonumber typeCustom and Formats.

Hope you have learned a new feature today :):):)


One thought on “How to configure Auto number in Dynamics 365 online using Power Apps Designer?

  1. I am a beginner with PowerApps and I found this blog really helpful. It saved me a lot of time. thanks a million


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