Generate Early bound Class using CrmSvcUtil.Exe in CRM

CrmSvcUtil.exe is a command-line code generation tool for use with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This tool generates Early bound class in C# with Custom entities and attributes. Provides Intellisense Support.

Follow the below steps to create early bound class,

Step 1: Download Latest CRM SDK.

Step 2: Open Run and type cmd.

Step 3: In SDK\bin, we can see crmsvcutil.exe. Now provide the path “CRM\SDK\bin” in command prompt.

Example: I have downloaded the CRM SDK on my desktop. So, path in command prompt will be like below,

Crmsvcutil - CMD

Step 4: Now we have to execute crmsvcutil.exe from command prompt with the following command,

/url:<Organization Service>
out:<Class Name>.cs
/username:"<User Id>"
/serviceContextName:<Context Name>
Parameter Description
Organization Service Provide Organization Service. Goto Microsoft Dynamics CRM ->Settings -> Customizations -> Organization Service.
Class Name Provide Output Class Name. Ex: D:\OutputFile.cs
User Id Provide Online 365 User Id or On-Premise domain\userid .
Password Provide Password.
Namespace Provide Namespace name.
Context Name Provide Context Name.


CrmSvcUtil.exe /url: /out:C:\Users\arunpotti\Desktop\EarlyBound.cs /username:"" /password:"password" /namespace:earlybound /serviceContextName:ServiceContext

Step 5: Paste the command line in command prompt and click on enter to generate class file.

Crmsvcutil - CMD line

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